Premium Beeswax
Premium Beeswax
Premium Beeswax
Premium Beeswax

Premium Beeswax

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Filtered, 100% pure, clean, organically harvested beeswax.

Rendered from our local Findlay Creek colonies under low heat; which maintains the beeswax natural aromas and bright yellow coloring, (boiled wax turns grey/brown and loses it's nutrients and aroma). We don't boil our wax!

No added perfumes, ready for natural beauty products and recipes

Perfect for lip balms, candles, soap and lotions

Contains trace quantities of pollen, propolis, nectar and honey.

Sold in various quantities, with bulk discounts.

Molded wax blocks may be delivered in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your weight requirements.

Add multiple units to cart to fulfill larger quantity orders.

Limited seasonal quantities with late fall availability.

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