Bee Swarm and Stinging pest removals

Before contacting us to investgate a sighting please ensure that you looked at our reference guide below and have photos and/or video to provide us with. 

Retrival and removal costs:

Honey Bees  Honey bees are pollenators, are extremely valuable to the environment. Only a registered Ontario beekeeper can safely retreive a swarm, rehome it and care for it in an Apiary. Honey bee swarms must be retrieved as soon as possible and inspected/treated for desease or they will die. In most cases we offer free Honey bee swarm removal. In the case that you have a honey bee swarm near you, please call immediately 613-612-4825 we will make every effort to attend quickly.

Bumble bees are pollenators and are an endangered species. Removal and attempted relocations often causes the death of the colony. Bumble bees are passive and unthreatening. They are comonly refered to as flying Pandas due to ther gentle nature. Bumble bees should be left alone until Fall as they will leave on their own

Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Hornets and other stinging pests
If your stinging pest's nest can be reached by hand, removal is cheap and quick. If the nest removal requires a ladder, removal of pannels or flashing; Hourly costs will apply.  for more information.


 Species info  Species colony or nest

Honey Bee

Population 5,000 - 30,000 

Defensive temperment

Stinging incidents within 5 meters: Rare unless disturbed

Bumble bee

Population: 10-100


Stinging incidents within 5 meters: Very Rare unless disturbed


Yellow Jacket

Population 50 - 500

Very agressive

Stinging incidents within 5 meters: Highly Likely

Bald Faced Hornet

Population 50 - 500


Stinging incidents within 5 meters: Likely