Honey Extraction Services

Available from July 1st to September 31st. By appointment only.

This is a perfect option for those that cannot afford extraction equipment, the growing hobbyist that has not yet automated their extraction process, or for those without the time to do it themselves. Let us deal with the mess!

Email: Honey@Findlaycreekapiary.ca  for available extraction dates. Please provide an estimated number of mediums and deep frames.

Let us know what services you are interested in.


Services and Costs:

Uncapping, Extraction and Straining  You drop off your supers and your own clean pails with lids. We uncap your frames, extract your honey, strain it down to 300 microns and provide you with your pails of strained honey and wax cappings separately. Takes up to 4 days to complete.

$3.5 per medium frame
$5.00 per deep frame.


Jarring  We jar your strained honey in new, 500 gram or 1kg jars. Takes up to 1 week to complete. We supply standard glass jars. Takes up to 1 week.

$3.00 per Jar (jars included)


Wax spinning (optional) We spin your wax cappings to recouperate every last drop of your honey. You get more Honey and your cappings are easier to render. The extra honey collected ussually pays for the cost of the spin. 

$30.00 one time fee


Please Note:

You supply the pails (if needed), we supply the jars.

Minimum service fee $300.00

50% deposit is required at the time of booking.


Booking Process

  1. Contact us at: Honey@Findlaycreekapiary.ca for inquiries and to book an appointment for your extraction. We will ask for an E-Transfer deposit.
  2. Prepare your supers for extraction at your location. You must remove all frames with eggs, larva and brood. Remove all dark dirty frames and all frames that are feeble or othewise unable to survive the extraction process. Your honey supers must be free of bees and contain only capped clean honey frames. We do not accept totes of frames or other transprtation containers; Langstoth boxes and frames only.
  3. Prepare your clean pails and lids with name labels at your location.
  4. Bring your supers and pails to our Honey extraction house near Findlay Creek (Leitrim) at your pre-arranged appointment time. Pick up is available for additional fees.
  5. Pick up your extracted order when it is ready. Pay the balance on pickup. Delivery is available for additional fees.



We will not extract or attempt to extract frames that have:

  • indications of disease or pests
  • Eggs, larva or brood present
  • Crystallized honey
  • Dark dirty wax
  • Uncured honey -Frames must be 80% CAPPED on both sides of frame.
  • Unable to survive the spinning process -frames that may fall apart



  • We are not responsible for frames that do not survive the uncapping process.
  • We make every effort to preserve your wax comb thickness and will uncap your frames as reasonably high as possible.
  • We do not clean your pails before filling them.
  • We take every precaution possible to clean, then sanitize our equipment between extractions, however we make no guarantee against cross contamination with other honey.
  • Extraction times can vary, we will attempt to complete your order as quickly as possible and within our proposed extraction time, but we do not guarantee a completion timeline.
  • Any Honey or equipment that is left unclaimed will be forfeit and will be disposed of as we see fit. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.


Additional services:

Pick up and delivery For a fee, arrangements can be made for us to pick up your full supers and return them along with your honey once your extraction is complete. Restrictions apply, please contact us for more information.

We buy Honey and Wax (sometimes) Are you interested in selling some of your Honey or wax? If you are, and you honey tastes good and wax is clean, we may be interested in buying some of it. Restrictions apply, prices vary, please contact us for more information.