About us

The Findlay Creek Apiary began as a single beehive on the family farm and was born from a desire to help save the Bees

We are third generation Findlay Creek Farmers and avid naturists. Beekeeping seemed like the natural thing to do -so  we did 

As professional Real Estate Agents www.OttawaHomeTeam.ca we have struggled to find personal and unique celebration gifts for our happy clients.

The gift of a jar of honey taken from our very own bees seemed ideal and quickly became in-demand by our past clients asking for more -so we expanded.

The Findlay Creek Apiary is a very short distance from the actual Findlay Creek. Our ties to the origin of this community and its settlers dates back to the 1800's. Our bees collect nectar and pollen from a wide variety of local wild flowers creating very flavorful honey. Please enjoy!

Derek Kossatz and Claire Terrillon

Beekeepers, Owners, nature lovers,

Findlay Creek Apiary