Where are you located?


We do not share our exact location but we offer free local delivery!

For those that require an understanding of how "local" our honey is? Our Bee yard is located on our century old family farm and is within 100 meters of the actual Findlay Creek. Our bees drink from the creek and collect pollen and nectar from the plants and wildflowers that live in our South Nation Watershed.


There are many reasons for the "secrecy" of our exact location, some of the reasons are listed below:



We do not have a storefront in which to retail our products. Our Bee yard and Honey facilities are not appropriate for visits, browsing or honey pick up and we do not have the ability to set normal store hours. Therefore as a solution and convenience to our customers we provide Free local delivery.



We keep a bio secure area and need to maintain it that way. Our primary concern is for our bees. Human visitors can bring viruses and ailments that can be contracted by bees. As our bees are everywhere at our Bee yard and will most certainly come in contact with everyone present, we need to keep visitors to a minimum for the bees' sake.



Bees' temperament can change very quickly. They can be calm one minute and without any warning, can turn aggressive. A perfume, a shampoo, a person's smell, a car horn, anything out the ordinary can be a trigger for a bee colony. Once a bee has decided that you are a threat, they tell their friends. A nice day can turn unpleasant very quickly. We need to keep visitors to a minimum for their own sake.



Hive theft is a very real issue. While our bees are kept in an area and manner in which only a master criminal could plan a successful heist, we must keep our bees' location a secret from the dozens of criminal idiots that might actually try to steal them. Every year in Eastern Ontario dozens of bee yards are robbed by thieves. We do not take the risk and keep our location to ourselves.  


We offer free local delivery for anyone that wants to try our honey